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Stats for Week 1, Friday, Feb. 3 2012

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Stats
Weight: 172.5 lbs
Pants: ~14 (depending on the brand, of course)
Bra: 38C
Weights: Since I’m just starting out, these numbers are going to be pretty low. They don’t represent how much I can technically pick up and put down but are the weights at which I can comfortably do multiple sets but still struggle during the last set.
  • Bench: 50lbs
  • Squat: (in smith machine) 20lbs

Health concerns: 
  • Periodic breakouts and blackheads.
  • Dry skin on legs, face, scalp (dandruff).
  • Digestive issues; frequent upset stomach, cramping, bloat. 
  • Misc. mysterious abdominal pain. (Have been to various doctors, gotten ultrasounds, a colonoscopy, all inconclusive) 
  • Frequent back pain.
  • High cholesterol.
  • Allergies, stuffy sinuses.
  • Winded relatively easily, occasional bouts of coughing. Am incredibly susceptible to prolonged coughing/lung pain whenever sick.
  • Itchy underarms (I know, this is a weird one – but I can rarely shave and break out into rash, despite trying a variety of techniques and types of soaps/deodorants. This only developed within the last few years).
  • Frequent headaches. 
  • Fatigue/general sleepiness.
  • Scapular alignment/sore shoulder and back. 
Notes for this period: To date, a number of the issues above were worse a year ago. Over the course of 2011, my husband and I went in and out of the gym and tried to spend the warmer months being active. The digestive stuff comes and goes but some specific abdominal pains have become less frequent. 
To comment specifically on the scapular alignment problem, I did see a physical therapist for this for a few months. Long story short, my right scapula, from years of misuse (heavy purses, bad computer posture) doesn’t move properly (along its “track”) so the muscles function poorly and thus hurt and cramp often. The solution to this is a combination of stretching and learning to properly engage the muscles while strengthening them. Even though I’m no longer in physical therapy and I still experience pain often, I can feel some improvement and the sharp, burning pain that I used to get (typically any time I had to lift anything, even something light like a plate, overhead) is less frequent.