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Update for 2/16/12

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Goals, Heroes, Stats

So, I meant to update this yesterday. Wednesdays is when we weigh in for Weight Watchers and it seemed like a good day to deem “update day,” but updating from work is probably not the best idea for my productivity and I spent zero time at a computer after work ended.

I went up a whopping .8 lbs. .8! Oh no! Whatever will I do?

But in all seriousness, I was pretty bummed out at first. See, a .8 gain isn’t bad, but it isn’t a loss. I was hoping for a loss. Even a little. I did so well my first week – what happened!

Well, first and foremost, I drank far less water and ate far fewer veggies than the week before. My mom-in-law made some turkey that I ate two days in a row and we got some Weight Watchers snack bars that are low in points, but are still sugary treats. This may not seem so bad – turkey can be good for you and the snacks are low in points and calories – what’s the big deal about that?

Something you should know about me is that I am what I call a “replacement” person. I cut out soda (with exception for the occasional energy drink and rare bottled cream soda) just so I would drink more water. Trying to get in more H20 while still drinking juices and sodas all day just wasn’t happening. So, in a similar fashion, I’m mostly just cutting back on meat and processed foods to get more fresh veggies in.

Anyway, I went over all of this in my head, about where I went wrong and what I could do better. I think that’s helpful – it was a minor bump to keep me on track – but more importantly, I got over it. I got over it because I’ve been strength training quite a bit. I can’t lift as heavy as some people, but I lift enough to challenge myself and I can feel muscle developing in areas where I didn’t have muscle before. My stomach looks a little flatter, my legs and arms more solid. I haven’t lost that much in pounds, but I’m still making progress. 

The focus on pounds shouldn’t be the pounds lost or gained on the scale – it should be on the pounds added to my gym routine. Here’s one mighty lady who helped me remember this: 

Her name is Staci, and she’s one of the success stories over at I’d like you to take a moment, whether you are male or female, regardless of fitness goals, to read this article. This girl is a freakin’ badass. [Link]

She’s tiny, she’s ferocious and she’s a reminder that a) that number on the scale means very little once you’re on the right path to strength and health and b) weight lifting does not make you “bulky.”
No stats update today – most of my numbers are close to the same and I haven’t started measurements yet. I might have to do that for next week’s stat update.
Instead, I’m going to leave you with some non-scale-victories (NSV) and non-scale-goals (NSG):
  • Multiple compliments this week about how good I look.
  • One of my favorite fitted jackets went on without a fuss this morning. I didn’t have to hunch forward to get the hook snapped under my boobs. I have slightly more room to move than the last time I put it on.
  • A shirt that my husband has had to help me zip up in the past at the widest part of my ribcage zipped up without any help, on the first try. All this time, I thought the zipper stopped working properly because it was broken!
  • To wear shorts this summer. I’ve worn skirts, but no shorts above the knees, in years.
  • To wear a bikini at the beach and feel comfortable in it – even if I’m still a little jiggly, I’m determined to have built enough muscle and lost enough fat and have gained enough confidence to just do it.
That’s it for today, folks!

Small Victories

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Food, Goals, Stats

Two accomplishments to note!

  • Today marks the end of the first week of Weight Watchers with 3.2 pounds lost.
  • A shirt that previously took some tugging and the assistance of my husband to zip, because I had put on just enough weight to make it difficult to zip near the top, now fits properly! I got into it without any additional assistance, on the first try.

My first week of Weight Watchers was a little rough. I wasn’t really fully prepared for it and I had told myself I was going to give myself plenty of room for error since this is all new eating, but I ended up being determined to not go over my “point” allotment for the week. I was fairly hungry off and on the first few days, but near the end of the week I was feeling quite a bit more comfortable.

If absolutely nothing else, I will say this much – I have eaten more vegetables and fruit (mostly veggies) in the last week than I think I did in all of any one month in the last few years. I’ve also had a lot more water and notably less meat. Previously, I would eat more than one serving of meat in a meal, often times for two meals a day, pretty much every day. I mean, I know I need complete proteins in my diet, but that seems, I don’t know… excessive? I’ve been trying to get more beans, rice [and soon] quinoa in my diet and eating a max of one meat meal a day.

I’ve tried very hard to not set body weight goals for myself because what I want more than a stupid number is physical proof that my body is healthier and more efficient… but I admit, I’m really looking forward to having 10, 20 fewer pounds to have to carry around once I get back into rock climbing!