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Ok, ok, so they’re not really the “big girl” plates (45s) but this is still a huge milestone for me.


The bar is 45lbs, making this a total of a 95lb deadlift. I hit this at the end of a spree of lighter deadlifts, so I feel confident that I could go heavier for a single lift.



Posted: July 6, 2012 in General, Stats

Not on my workouts – just on my blogging! I’m still alive, still working out and still eating well (… most of the time).

I neglected this blog through all of May and June and now we’re back – and exactly 10 lbs lighter than when I last updated.Yup, as of today, using the scale in the gym at work, I’m at 152.8. I’ve also gone down roughly two pants sizes since I initially started going to the gym, dropping me from a size 14 to a size 10 (in Juniors sizes I’m probably still a 13 depending on the brand). I haven’t done any actual tape measurements in a while. I should have those ready for you in my next blog post (as well as some progress pics!).

To a lot of people, 10 pounds in a little over two months doesn’t seem like much, but I feel pretty confident that this slow, steady decrease in fat is exactly how I need to do this to keep up what I’m doing and keep my body in good shape. Considering I’ve been strength training while still losing weight, it seems like pretty decent progress. I’m just surprised that even after being sick for over a week (I didn’t go to the gym for nine days – that’s the longest I’ve gone without it in the last six or seven months!) plus two weekends of indulgence and the 4th of July, I’ve managed to not break my progress. I feel like if anything, that’s evidence that for once in my life, I’ve got this down – it no longer feels like one day of “bad’ eating is going to cause me to balloon up. No more yo-yoing.

Also, I’ve decided to attempt to use this more like an actual blog and less like a place to store my stats. I can’t figure out the best format for my posts, so I think I’m just going to go with writing more “organically” and just going with what’s on my mind and what I’ve been up to. As blogging becomes more of a hobby and less of a thing that I feel like I have to do or should be doing, I’ll hopefully have more interesting things to talk about.

Other than being excited about weighing below 155lbs for the first time in ages, this post is mostly to discuss the rate of my progress in general terms as well as coming to a decision on how I want to run this blog. I do have a lot that I want to post about and haven’t because I didn’t know how to approach it, but that will all come in time. A few upcoming topics to look out for: Progress pics, rock climbing, product reviews (the “I bought this, here’s what I think” kind, not the “this company gave me free product so I’ll say nice things about them” kind) and food.

Also, I’d just like to note that as I was typing this up, a coworker that I don’t see very often anymore came by to observe the construction outside of the window behind me and when I stood up to look at something he was pointing at, he did a double take. I saw him look down at my body but thought he was noting my lack of shoes (what? It’s the end of the day and I’m not going to put them back on to turn around and look out a window) but then he asked me if I “lost a bunch of weight or something.” When I confirmed he said I looked good and he could really see the difference in my face.

I’d be lying if I said I’m not hyped as fuck right now.