Stats for Week 13, Thursday, April 18th, 2012

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Stats

I’ll figure out a proper format for these updates eventually, I promise.

Some notes to add: I’ve omitted “weight since Weight Watchers” and I’m just settling on total weight loss. I only lost 3lbs before I started WW and really, that’s a small number and as we go, I hope to omit weight entirely as a measure of my progress.

I’ve also decided I’m not going to use bra and pants sizes anymore because I don’t go shopping often enough to include that in every update. If I drop a dress/pant/bra size, that in and of itself will probably warrant its own special update.

So where are we now?:

Body Stats:

  • Weight: 162.8lbs
  • Total weight loss: 13lbs

Gym Stats/Victories:

  • Dead lift (for reps): Increased weight from 45 to 75lbs. This was actually kind of an accident. We have three bar weights in the gym (the heaviest being the Olympic bar at 45lbs) and I typically use the lightest bar and don’t factor it into my weight lifted. I accidentally grabbed the mid-weight bar, which is about 25lbs, when I had 50lbs worth of plates on.
  • Lat Pulldowns:Increased weight from 55lbs to 70lbs. I have to be careful with this – I did this yesterday and today, my bad shoulder is sore.
  • Shoulder Presses:12.5lb dumbells
  • Dumbell Rows: 25lbs
  • Bench Press:50lbs
  • Squats: 45lbs
  • Pull-ups: Still can’t do them. Slowly but surely…
  • Push-ups: Guys, I have a confession to make – all these years, I’ve only been able to do knee push-ups. Thanks to a friend with whom I’ve started a “push-up challenge,” I’ve gotten off of my knees and can do three full, proper push-ups. It may not seem like much, but it’s a big deal to me.


  • My husband and I started biking to/from work. It isn’t an every day thing for me (yet) but soon I hope to start riding every day. Fuck car commuting.
  • In the short time that I’ve started riding to work, I’ve already started to improve my speed/time. Each ride so far has taken me almost exactly 40 minutes but this morning, I made it in 32 minutes. That’s an increase of about 9mph to 11.25mph. I was a bit slower on the ride home, but I’ll take any victory. Husband has noted improvements in my stopping, maneuvering and speed.
  • My favorite jeans, which are always very snug just out of the wash are starting to experience a little bit of sag around the waist – right out of the wash.


  • Energy levels are… different. Overall, my energy as a person is improving. I recover from a hard workout better (in fact, I had a wicked buzz all morning after my ride to work) and I feel a little more… peppy? Is that the right word? But, when I’m tired, I am tired. I’m hoping that soon I can wear myself out hard enough at the end of the day to sleep through the whole night (I wake up often).
  • I am excited about working out. Even when it sucks, I still do it and I feel so much better for it afterwards and I look forward to doing it again. I willingly, with only a minor amount of flip-flopping, rode the six miles to work two and a half days in a row even though all of the rides I did last week were a painful struggle. “Exercise” still feels like a dirty word in my mouth – what I do has evolved from “exercise” to “working on being a badass.”
  • My pain tolerance is increasing. This is probably a weird thing to note so early on, but last year, the amount of ache in my hips from the bike rides would have discouraged me. I realized this morning that I’ve just accepted that as part of my life now that will get better in time but, in the meantime, is just something I have to go through. Despite the current hot bath I’m taking to ease some soreness, I’m actually rather bummed that I will not be biking tomorrow.

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