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I’ll figure out a proper format for these updates eventually, I promise.

Some notes to add: I’ve omitted “weight since Weight Watchers” and I’m just settling on total weight loss. I only lost 3lbs before I started WW and really, that’s a small number and as we go, I hope to omit weight entirely as a measure of my progress.

I’ve also decided I’m not going to use bra and pants sizes anymore because I don’t go shopping often enough to include that in every update. If I drop a dress/pant/bra size, that in and of itself will probably warrant its own special update.

So where are we now?:

Body Stats:

  • Weight: 162.8lbs
  • Total weight loss: 13lbs

Gym Stats/Victories:

  • Dead lift (for reps): Increased weight from 45 to 75lbs. This was actually kind of an accident. We have three bar weights in the gym (the heaviest being the Olympic bar at 45lbs) and I typically use the lightest bar and don’t factor it into my weight lifted. I accidentally grabbed the mid-weight bar, which is about 25lbs, when I had 50lbs worth of plates on.
  • Lat Pulldowns:Increased weight from 55lbs to 70lbs. I have to be careful with this – I did this yesterday and today, my bad shoulder is sore.
  • Shoulder Presses:12.5lb dumbells
  • Dumbell Rows: 25lbs
  • Bench Press:50lbs
  • Squats: 45lbs
  • Pull-ups: Still can’t do them. Slowly but surely…
  • Push-ups: Guys, I have a confession to make – all these years, I’ve only been able to do knee push-ups. Thanks to a friend with whom I’ve started a “push-up challenge,” I’ve gotten off of my knees and can do three full, proper push-ups. It may not seem like much, but it’s a big deal to me.


  • My husband and I started biking to/from work. It isn’t an every day thing for me (yet) but soon I hope to start riding every day. Fuck car commuting.
  • In the short time that I’ve started riding to work, I’ve already started to improve my speed/time. Each ride so far has taken me almost exactly 40 minutes but this morning, I made it in 32 minutes. That’s an increase of about 9mph to 11.25mph. I was a bit slower on the ride home, but I’ll take any victory. Husband has noted improvements in my stopping, maneuvering and speed.
  • My favorite jeans, which are always very snug just out of the wash are starting to experience a little bit of sag around the waist – right out of the wash.


  • Energy levels are… different. Overall, my energy as a person is improving. I recover from a hard workout better (in fact, I had a wicked buzz all morning after my ride to work) and I feel a little more… peppy? Is that the right word? But, when I’m tired, I am tired. I’m hoping that soon I can wear myself out hard enough at the end of the day to sleep through the whole night (I wake up often).
  • I am excited about working out. Even when it sucks, I still do it and I feel so much better for it afterwards and I look forward to doing it again. I willingly, with only a minor amount of flip-flopping, rode the six miles to work two and a half days in a row even though all of the rides I did last week were a painful struggle. “Exercise” still feels like a dirty word in my mouth – what I do has evolved from “exercise” to “working on being a badass.”
  • My pain tolerance is increasing. This is probably a weird thing to note so early on, but last year, the amount of ache in my hips from the bike rides would have discouraged me. I realized this morning that I’ve just accepted that as part of my life now that will get better in time but, in the meantime, is just something I have to go through. Despite the current hot bath I’m taking to ease some soreness, I’m actually rather bummed that I will not be biking tomorrow.


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Oh my – guess who hasn’t been updating?

Hint: The answer is me.

So, go figure, I still have no measurements to provide. Despite upping my physical activity level, as it turns out I’m still incredibly lazy in every other regard, including buying measuring tape. I don’t know that this will ever change – no matter how ambitious or dedicated I am, there will always be things for me to intentionally shirk. We’re supposed to balance things out by allowing ourselves laziness as reward for the good things we do, right? RIGHT?!

…Funny thing, I’m fairly certain it’s that mindset that let me get fat in the first place.

Next post: Stats for Week 13, Thursday, April 18th, 2012