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I’ve been a little behind on my updates. I came down with a nasty bug the other week and it took me another whole week to recover, then I got lazy.

So here we go!

Where are we?:

Body Stats:

  • Weight: 165.8lbs
  • Total weight loss since Weight Watchers: 7lbs
  • Total weight loss since heaviest weight: ~10lbs

Gym Victories:

  • Dead lift: Increased weight to 45lbs
  • Lat Pulldowns:Increased weight to 55lbs.I also put 85lbs on after I finished my last set and pulled it down to see if I could do it – and I did! If my lat pulldowns are any indication of my progress to a pull-up, I’m getting there – 85lbs is about half of my body weight. On that note…
  • Pull-ups: Still can’t do them. However, when I first started, I could barely hang onto the bar at a dead hang. Now, from a dead hang, I can pull myself up about 1/4 of the way. Between this and the lat pulldown, I feel like I’m on track with my goal of completing a pull-up by the end of this year. It’ll also get easier as I lose weight.


  • My jeans are feeling a little looser when put on fresh out of the wash (when they always feel the tightest).
  • A cardigan that had shrunk actually fit a little looser on me than it did when I first bought it.
  • A different shirt that originally had no spare room around the belly at all now… ding ding ding… sits nicely around my middle instead of being body-tight!
  • Feeling less like I just like how I look and more like I’m proud of how I’m looking these days.


  • Energy levels have improved. The first two weeks I was worried that I was depriving myself too much. I’ve been a little tired lately, but that’s partially due to working myself in the gym and not going to bed at reasonable times. Otherwise, I’m not feeling particularly weak. Except…
  • Daily at-home workouts have taken a dive. I’ve been getting lazy when I get home, either spending my time playing Fallout 3 or dicking around online. I went to do a push-up just a little bit ago and couldn’t. I typically only do knee push-ups, but last time I checked, I could do at least one full proper push-up. It was a no-go. I had to settle for five on the knees. I think this is a sign that I need to start doing daily push-ups (and body weight squats!) again. I shouldn’t go to the gym every day, but that doesn’t mean I should be completely lazy on my off-days.