Small Victories

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Food, Goals, Stats

Two accomplishments to note!

  • Today marks the end of the first week of Weight Watchers with 3.2 pounds lost.
  • A shirt that previously took some tugging and the assistance of my husband to zip, because I had put on just enough weight to make it difficult to zip near the top, now fits properly! I got into it without any additional assistance, on the first try.

My first week of Weight Watchers was a little rough. I wasn’t really fully prepared for it and I had told myself I was going to give myself plenty of room for error since this is all new eating, but I ended up being determined to not go over my “point” allotment for the week. I was fairly hungry off and on the first few days, but near the end of the week I was feeling quite a bit more comfortable.

If absolutely nothing else, I will say this much – I have eaten more vegetables and fruit (mostly veggies) in the last week than I think I did in all of any one month in the last few years. I’ve also had a lot more water and notably less meat. Previously, I would eat more than one serving of meat in a meal, often times for two meals a day, pretty much every day. I mean, I know I need complete proteins in my diet, but that seems, I don’t know… excessive? I’ve been trying to get more beans, rice [and soon] quinoa in my diet and eating a max of one meat meal a day.

I’ve tried very hard to not set body weight goals for myself because what I want more than a stupid number is physical proof that my body is healthier and more efficient… but I admit, I’m really looking forward to having 10, 20 fewer pounds to have to carry around once I get back into rock climbing!


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